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The Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program (CFSP) is a scholarship program designed to build institutional capacities by training employed nationals from developing countries of La Francophonie.

The program is entirely funded by the Government of Canada, which has entrusted the management of the program to the consortium Canadian Bureau for International Education / World University Service of Canada since January 1st, 2015.


The long-term goal of the program is to promote the development of recipient countries by giving priority to:

  • Training of trainers, particularly in the field of technical and vocational education
  • Improving the skills of college and university personnel in the field of education and research
  • Increasing and strengthening the skills of specialists and managers in the public and private sectors


Candidates are selected by using a quota system for each recipient country. The quota approach allows recipient countries to define their own priorities for training, as well as the level of training required for the development of their institutions.


Institutions targeted by recipient countries conduct internal recruitment campaigns to identify qualified candidates who show the greatest aptitude for helping strengthen their institution’s capacities when they return to their country.

Candidates identified and selected may apply for university studies leading to a master’s and doctoral degree, for technical and vocational training, or for short-term internships.

Clinical training in pharmacy, medicine and dentistry is excluded.


Candidates must hold a key position so that the knowledge they acquire will benefit the capacity building of their institution.


A local advisory committee formed by representatives of various ministries selects candidates in their country. The accredited Canadian diplomatic mission acts as observer to ensure transparency of the selection process.

The local advisory committee takes into account the candidates’ jobs in the sector or institution to be strengthened and the level of academic excellence as defined by host institutions. An equal number of applications by gender and country is required, and fluency of candidates in spoken and written French is also mandatory.

Final admission to college or university is the sole responsibility of the relevant institution, and the scholarship becomes effective only when the candidate is admitted to the educational institution.


For full information on CFSP eligibility criteria, evaluation procedures, application requirements, funding levels, deadlines, and exclusions, visit the CFSP website (in French).

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  1. Je m’intéresse ‘

  2. Maimouna Diakhaté

    offrez vous des bourses pour des enseignants du secondaires détenteurs d’une maîtrise és letrres et d’un diplôme pédagogique? Merci de répondre

  3. comment je postule

  4. comment je peut obtenir le bourse d’étude ?

    • La nouvelle campagne de sélection pour la cohorte 2017 est lancée ce lundi 26 septembre 2016 et s’achèvera le vendredi 18 novembre 2016

  5. Bonjour Messieurs,

    Je viens par le présent message vous priere de bien vouloir m’inscrire sur la liste des bénéficiaires de bourse de la francophonie pour l’année en cours pour financer mes études dans le domaine Gouvernance et de financement du développement .Je vous remercie à l’avance.

    GABYEBE fali

  6. Clefood Marc-Donald ALCINDOR

    comment je peut bénéficier une bourse d’étude ?

  7. slt j m nomme Dramane Coulibaly etudiant en 4è année medecin au mali j’aimerai beneficier une bourse d’etude en votre faveur de maniere d’aide

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