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A site to earn easy money quickly!

A site to earn easy money quickly!

Presentation of the site

NeoBux is a paid click site that has been in existence since 2008. To date, Neobux has more than 2.5 million registered members. The site is available worldwide and in a multilingual version (French, English, Spanish, German, Swedish, Portuguese, Finnish, Indonesian, etc.). Neobux is also widely recognized as a benchmark in the universe of Paid to Click (PTC) sites.

What is the idea?

By the way, Neobux receives money from many advertisers who wish to have visitors to their sites. These visits allow advertisers to have better visibility, to increase the number of sales as well as the notoriety of their products.

So, each time a user clicks on an advertiser’s advertisement, the site pays him money. It’s that simple and that’s not all! Neobux also offers you to be paid by displaying advertising on your blog or website.

To register, you must fill in your information in the “form” and click on “Continue”. Then, you will receive by email a validation code which you must insert in the appropriate box on the site. And that’s all!

Let’s start with the pubs

Each day, you will find 50 advertisements (on average) to be viewed on Neobux and which are paid between 0.001 $ and 0.02 $ per click. To do this, you must click on the “View Ads” tab. You will find fixed advertisements (in purple) which allow you to earn money. But also, fixed advertisements (in orange) which can bring you even more since you will be rewarded for the clicks of your referrals. As soon as you click on an advertisement, you earn money (provided that you wait a few seconds for the countdown).

Then, odd jobs and games

NeoBux  offers you to do odd jobs (in English) to allow you to earn even more money. As a general rule, these are small missions that are systematically renewed. For example, you will have to copy amounts from invoices or find the author of an article on the Internet, etc. You will also earn a 15% bonus for every $ 1 received through odd jobs.

And if you wish, you will even be paid to participate in surveys and polls. By completing the surveys, you can earn between $ 0.25 and $ 0.50 (per survey).

The Games: Neobux has profitable games ($ 0.0005 per session) and you are entitled to 250 gaming sessions per 24 hours.

Without forgetting the AdPrize!

For each advertisement visited, you win 4 AdPrize and you have the chance to participate in the free NeoBux lottery. Each day, the site offers a draw as well as numerous prizes to be won:

– Golden membership offered.
– Points to be won (between 10 and 10,000 points).
– Cash money to be won (from 0.25 $ and up to 50 $).

Corners and points

Coins: It is the virtual currency of Neobux. And to convert your Coins into real money (US dollar), know that 100,000 Coins = $ 170. Besides, earning Coins is also a very good way to earn money quickly on NeoBux. You can have them easily by:

– Participating in surveys.
– Viewing Youtube videos.
– Registering on partner sites.
– Going through Neobux to buy a product on an online store.

Points: They allow you to benefit from many advantages on the site such as, for example, improving your membership status. Thus, in exchange for 30,000 points you will go from a Standard member to the status of a Golden member (without spending a penny). You can earn points through clicks, but also through offers.

But that’s not all !

Offers: On Neobux, you can perform simple tasks in order to be paid in Coins. To find out the amount of your remuneration, you will find it displayed on the offer line (in green). You will just have to click on the offer and once the task is completed, you will receive your coins following a period of 60 days.

The Golden Status: In order to increase or even double the values ​​of each click on advertisements, you have the option of purchasing a membership. To have the status of a Golden member, membership costs $ 90.

Payment of winnings

For your first withdrawal only, the amount is $ 2 (a tab is displayed as soon as you reach them). Then, the payment threshold increases by $ 1 (per withdrawal) until reaching the amount of $ 10. Payment of your winnings is immediate but in some cases it is delayed by up to 48 hours. And to receive your money, you have the choice between Neteller and Skrill.

What about sponsorship?

The sponsorship system on Neobux is just great:
As a sponsor, you receive commissions on the activities of your referrals on the site. In other words, you are paid for each advertisement viewed and each purchase made by one of your referrals! As a result, the more active referrals you have, the more effortless money you will earn.

And you can sponsor as many friends and as many people as you want. So, spread word of mouth and ask your friends and family to choose you as your sponsor! That said, there are also two types of referrals on Neobux :

Direct referral: Anyone who registers via your referral link which is available in the “Banner” tab.

The sponsored godson: Anyone registered without a sponsor. Indeed, the site allows you to hire referrals in order to receive commissions on their earnings. However, you must pay money to NeoBux ($ 0.20 per month and per referral). Renting referrals is only possible if your balance exceeds $ 0.6! The rental system depends on several factors: type of membership, monthly rental price, number of referrals per pack, etc. For example, if you are a Standard member, you can rent a pack of 3 referrals (for $ 0.80) and up to 300 referrals for a period of 30 days.

Pro’s advice: Favor fixed ads (in orange), simply because it is an easy way to make money. And if you choose to hire referrals extend this period up to 240 days (you will benefit from a 30% discount).

The 2 advantages of Neobux

  • Payment deadline.
  • Sponsorship Program.

The 2 disadvantages of Neobux

  • One user account.
  • Amount of a click.


In reality, NeoBux has not become a reference by chance since it has the advantages of a very serious site. First, the site offers several methods that allow you to earn money (PTC, Mini jobs, Offers, Games, Surveys, etc.). In addition, sponsorship earns you even more money. Finally, payments are very fast and the support team is always available.

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